By Moonjax Team

Baby teething toys

When it comes to baby teething toys, there are literally hundreds to choose from. We know because we've tried them all! And frustrated by the teethers that were available, we decided to ditch the label of baby teething toys and create a "teether". We wanted something that served a purpose and when we experienced the pains of a teething baby, we knew there had to be a better option for a teether than what was currently available. With stories flooding the news of baby teething toys carrying black mold, paint coming off in babies mouths and a million other terrifying things, we decided that toys weren't the solution. Our babies needed a teether, something that was intentionally designed to offer relief to our sweet babies while they are going through the pains of teething. All they want to do is put something in their mouth. In their mouth! Something that doesn't carry mold, something that won't leave them injesting paint or other potentially harmful dyes or colorants, and definitely something that won't gag! The moonjax teether checked all of these boxes and then some. Moonjax baby teethers are impossible to harbor mold, zero paint, dyes, colorants or toxins, gag-free length and usable from any angle! At moonjax, we believe that happy babies equal happy everyone.