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Moonjax™ Teether Patents


EUROPE: 004063444

CANADA: Canadian Industrial Design Reg No. 175,575

AUSTRALIA: 201713751

Our medical grade silicone ismanufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards for quality management. It  contains no peroxides, peroxide by-products, chlorophenyls, or PCBs. No organic plasticizers, phthalates or latex and is solventless. 

The moonjax teether is 2.5" in diameter and 5" long.  Each teether has 10 "teether wands" measuring 1" long which is the perfect length for our choke free design.

The crescent moons put the "moon" in "moonjax". Each teether has 16 crescent moons who's sole purpose is to help soothe and massage those little gums.

Rubber Teether: Hand wash with mild soap and water ONLY.

Clear & White Teethers:
We recommend washing your moonjax teether frequently with a mild soap and warm water. The clear and white teethers can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher. The clear and white can be used with any of your favorite baby product sterilizers.

Our clean and clear design will sometimes show water marks after washing. Simply wipe them off with a dry cloth, wipe or paper towel to make them extra sparkly and clean.

Moonjax teethers can be frozen to help soothe sore gums.

You can find your  product tracking number stamped on to the bottom of the packaging. Please CLICK HERE  and enter your stamped number ID to register your teether.

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