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Best Teether at Target

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Teething is tough and we understand how challenging it is to watch your baby struggle through the pains of teething. We promise that we can relate. When her baby girl was just three months old, the moonjax founder found that her daughter wanted to put anything and everything she could find in her mouth. Desperate to help her daughter through the pains of teething she quickly ran out and bought teether after teether for her to try. Every time though, she came home disappointed. The teethers that were available at the time failed her. They were either too big and awkward to hold, they caused an immediate gag-reflex or they were to put it blatantly - ugly. She knew there had to be a better shape for a teether that her daughter could easily use without struggle or discomfort. Something that was designed to be used as a teether, not a toy. 

With a background in design, she created the first ergonomic baby teether. The middle bar of the teether is the perfect place for babies to hold on to and the unique design allows for either end of the teether to be used from any angle. Because the teether is solid, there aren't any holes or hidden cracks that will trap dirt. When she was designing the teether there were numerous articles about the popular sophie the giraffe teether growing mold...

She wanted to create the absolute best and safest baby teether she possibly could. A teether that Moms and Dads alike trusted. A teething solution for all your baby teething needs. 

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