By Moonjax Team

Forbes + Moonjax

Why are moms consistently choosing the moonjax teether? Read this Forbes magazine article to see why?

'When their first teeth start to sprout, many babies morph into fussy, drooling children overnight—or even on the hour. Struggling to provide relief to teething babies often poses one of the first and most frustrating challenges to parents in early infancy. Between disrupted sleep schedules and suddenly irritable babes, it can be daunting to find help, so we’ve compiled a list of the best teething toys for babies to soothe those gums—and provide children, and their parents, some relief.'

'Tube-style teethers make it easy for babies to reach their budding molars, so the Moonjax toy is good option for older babies. This highly-rated, non-toxic teether also does double-duty as a sensory toy for toddlers. Parents rave about the design of the teether, which allows babies beginning to develop manual dexterity to hold it and chomp down on at least one point.' 

Gabriela Resto-Montero Contributor